Major Projects

ln 1992-1994, Salem Ready Mix took on three major projects: Spring Hollow Reservoir (25,000 cubic yards), Yokohama Tire (15,000 cubic yards), and Hanover Distribution Center (16,000 cubic yards). The Hanover Distribution Center project required us to supply 12,500 cubic yards in nineteen days.

The Spring Hollow Reservoir was at that time the second largest roller compacted dam built in the United States (1,000 feet long) with a withdrawal tower (250 feet high) requiring 1,500 cubic yards in nine days of continuous slipform placement. This withdrawal tower received the American Concrete Institute 1994 Project of the Year Award.

One of the most interesting and demanding projects that we have supplied was at the Roanoke Cement Company plant in Cloverdale, Va. This job required 24 hours a day of continuous slipform placement for nine days of 4,250 cubic yards for storage silos.

This project was challenging in that we had to constantly cycle six trucks day and night to the job which was 25 miles from our plant, meeting the schedule no matter what the challenges of bad weather and traffic jams. The two silos that you see are 75 feet in diameter and about 120 feet tall and both silos were poured simultaneously.

Recently we supplied the concrete for the new Roanoke County Jail Facility (15,000 cubic yards) and the new Lowes Super Store in Salem (8,000 cubic yards).  We are currently supplying the concrete for the widening of Route 460 and Route 11 west of Salem.